To satisfy the expectations of a broad public, we rely again on the concept of a patronage. Prominent members from the domains of culture, science, and politics support the BeSTival 2017 with their name. The ladies and gentlemen under whose protection the Bernese Student Theater Festival stands this year are:

Matthias Aebischer
Journalist, television host und social democratic party politician, president of the association for professional development SVEB, president of Cinésuisse

Cihan Inan
Acting director, Konzert Theater Bern

Prof. Dr. Beate Hochholdinger-Reiterer 
Professor of Theater Studies at the University of Bern

Matto Kämpf
Author, filmmaker und theatermaker

Dr. Sophie-Thérèse Krempl
Leading dramaturgy for acting, artistic leader of cooperational and special projects of Konzert Theater Bern

Prof. Dr. Andreas Kotte
Professor und director of the Department for Theater Studies at the University of  Bern

Michael Röhrenbach
Production manager and member of the Tojo Theater collective of the Reitschule Bern 

Prof Dr. Christina Thurner
Professor of Dance Studies at the University of  Bern

Alexander Tschäppät
Democratic party politician and Swiss National Councillor

We thank them all from the bottom of our hearts.