1971 the Gaskessel, not far from the cultural hotspot Dampfzentrale, opens its gates. In the same year it it renamed to „Society youth and culture center Gaskessel“.
The goal of the establishment is the creation of a cultural center for young adults. One of the main concerns of the society till this day is to establish a broad integration and activation of its visitors. The audience should be motivated to organize and experience cultural events themselves. Accordingly, the Gaskessel's program is dedicated to a political, active youth culture. The program distinguishes itself through its openness towards various cultural events.  
The BeSTival which sees its task amongst other things in the international networking of student theater groups has found a wonderful platform with the Gaskessel to stage this get-together. Thanks to the excellent infrastructure of the Gaskessel we have the opportunity to offer an extensive program with various stagings. At the same time the mission statement of the Gaskessel builds a perfect link for the BeSTival 2017: The society's goal to encourage various forms of cultural work builds a foundation from which the exploration of a multitude of student theater groups can be tackled. 

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